144 Postcards

12 sets of 12 postcards mailed over the course of a summer to 12 people

(shown here is the 11th postcard, an image cataloguing all the postcards that had been sent to each recipient up to that point)

ink, graphite, high gloss paper, matte paper, tracing paper, drawing paper, twelve people & the last chapter of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, US Postal System

4” x 6” (each postcard)

Summer 2008

1st Postcard (front)

1st Postcard (back)

2nd Postcard (front)

2nd Postcard (back)

3rd Postcard (front)

3rd Postcard (back)

4th Postcard (front)

4th Postcard (back)

5th Postcard (front)

5th Postcard (back)

6th Postcard (front)

6th Postcard (back)

8th Postcard (front)

8th Postcard (back)

9th Postcard (front)

9th Postcard (back)

10th Postcard (front)

10th Postcard (back)