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The Wrap Skirt in 'Shadow' Black Cotton Jacquard | NAOMI NOMI
The Wrap Skirt in 'Shadow' Black Cotton Jacquard | NAOMI NOMI
The Wrap Skirt in 'Shadow' Black Cotton Jacquard | NAOMI NOMI
The Wrap Skirt in 'Shadow' Black Cotton Jacquard | NAOMI NOMI
The Wrap Skirt in 'Shadow' Black Cotton Jacquard | NAOMI NOMI

The Wrap Skirt

Shadow Cotton Jacquard

The Wrap Skirt like you've never seen (through) before.

Inspired by the worker's apron, The Wrap Skirt joins The Warm Weather Closet in the spirit of the next-to-naked summer. An ode to her fabric, she's been pattern cut with a classic midi length, high-waist, and exaggerated, notched ties. Oh, and the best part: leave-your-handbag-at-home 12" pockets. 

Bianca, pictured here, has a 32" waist, and 36" hip and wears a size S.  

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What I'm made of

100% cotton with yarn from India, Thailand & Indonesia. Woven & dyed in Japan.

How to take care of me: Best to dry clean. Okay to wash to hand with cold soapy water. Do not rub. Hang to dry. Iron on low heat as desired.

Need help? Don't call mom! We got you.

How I'm made

This garment is made to order. It takes about 3-4 weeks to cut, sew and finish the fabric into a garment -- a process done proudly in New York.
Check below to see exact lead times!

Ready within 1 week to ship or pick-up from our Brooklyn Studio

Why we make it

Having descended from our grandmother's aprons, The Wrap Skirt is both deeply practical and fantastically elegant in its simplicity.

Pattern cut as reversible with double pockets, she's two outfits and a handbag in one.

The anscestral child of the apron, The Wrap Skirt is our ode to fabric. Meant to keep you clean whilst elegant, she's the hardest working single piece of fabric you'll own.

It looks great with...

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The Commuter Shorts (Matte Black Ponte)


Take me back to everything


Meet our Cotton Jacquard

Using yarn from India, Thailand & Indonesia, our 100% cotton jacquard is woven & dyed in Japan.

What is jacquard you ask? Basically fabric crafted from complex weaves. The colors, patterns, and motifs are created through an intricate, mechanical yarn dance between the warp and weft of thread - as opposed to being dyed or printed on the surface.

Because we’re nerdy and you are too...this revolutionary loom was designed by Joseph Maria Jacquard in 1801.
Similar to a player piano, the jacquard loom could read a row of punched wooden cards in order to weave a predesigned pattern into fabric. Early jacquard looms are considered the precursor to the computer.
Layer the full Shadow Set or let each piece fly solo, because when it's summer in the city there are no rules.
Seeing double?
Complete the Shadow Set with The Studio Shirt

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