I am a verb.

Double-sided cut woodblock of birch plywood, white ink

24 x 21 x 3/4 inches


Carving this manifesto into both sides of a single wooden tablet, my actions gradually transmute into the sentiment itself. The wood went on to create several unique works in varying forms. In exhibiting each of these subsequent works, I also display the original woodblock from which they came.

Object IV (after 'I am a verb.')

White ink on two-sided white paper, birch wood, acrylic paint, two sheets of glass

23 x 26 inches


Perfect (after ‘I am a verb.’)

Pigment print, birch plywood, white ink residue

8 1/2 x 10 1/2x 3/4 inches


Before the ‘I am a verb.’ woodblock was ever used for printing, I photographed my hand attempting to align with its machined corner. It was, however, impossible to perfectly align the natural human hand with fabricated precision. After using the woodblock to create a series of white prints, I cut a rectangle from it to make the frame for this photograph. The residue of white ink remains visible in the crevices of the frame.


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