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A Day with Midge


Midge Wattles (b. 1990) is an American photographer living and working between Brooklyn, NY and Palermo, Italy.

(A tragic life, we know.)

Nomi met her at an opening, stalked her work, and has been obsessed ever since. In October, inspired by the self-portraiture of Francesca Woodman and Vivian Maier, they wandered uptown in their Crisp White New Oxfords to document her gaze.


Inspired by her interests in art history and the origins of images, Midge uses photography as a tool to trace historical or personal lineages throughout each of her series.

Nomi and Midge refer to this stunning painting in the background as The Dick Pic. Painted by Rosa Bonheur, it’s is charged with, um, that masculine energy.

Midge shoots primarily on film. Here she is using her Hasselblad while Nomi holds the mirror very still.


Recently, Midge has begun to work with ceramics. She started making forms merely to photograph, but, surprise surprise, now she’s makin’ objects. Clay was Nomi’s first material love affair, so she’s thoroughly enjoyed watching Midge fall hard for making a mess in three dimensions.

We naturally fixated on this display of ceramic (and glass!) vessels.

Midge wore her Crisp White New Oxford all day, rolling the sleeves up and down as she worked. The strong shape fit right in among the classical sculptures around us.


Wanna look as good as Midge?