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NAOMI NOMI is a new made-to-order garment line for working women. We make brilliant and beautiful clothes for great women. Our clients are women who are working to become themselves but also finding that they’ve been there all along. The brand name nods to who we are born as (Naomi) and who we become (Nomi).

Our clothes are for doing life’s work. That’s why we call it workwear.

NAOMI NOMI was founded by Naomi (Nomi) Mishkin, an artist working in Brooklyn. Trained as a glassblower, she spent a decade making sculpture admitting that her habit of sewing almost every garment in her own closet (and the closets of a few friends) should be her main hustle. The conceptual themes of her sculptures ring true in her clothes: love your materials and put meaning in the making.


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I make clothes for women with something to say. Hit me up, let's talk.



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Email us your name and address and we’ll pop fabric samples in the mail asap.

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