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With each new launch, NAOMI NOMI works with other artists and designers to bring the garments to life through images.

Take a look below at some of the Other Brilliant Women we've had the pleasure of working with.


Sabrina Santiago

Sabrina and Nomi met when Sabrina was asked to take Nomi’s portrait for the NYTimes. They spent a cold January morning trying on all the clothes and chasing the light. It was only right that she took some scarves for herself to make some self portraits.

Obsessed with her images? Us too. Indulge in more Sabrina here.


Dani Balenson & Tori Hinn

Dani & Tori are graphic designers, friends, San Francisco transplants, and, now, collaborators. Crazy that they’d never collaborated before NAOMI NOMI. They photographed each other in places that felt familiar, places where they were comfortable, and most of all, confident.

Do yourself a favor and check out Dani’s graphic work here and Tori’s here.


Taiyang Sunny Chen

Sunny is an art director from Shanghai. She makes beautiful images of light and darkness and things you didn’t know were beautiful until she made them so.

Wanna know what we're talking about? Check out Sunny’s pictures here.


Diane Tsai & Francesca Trianni

Diane and Francesca are friends and film makers. They’ve worked together for years, traveling the country (and the world) to tell all the important stories. Tucked between images of veterans, #metoo activists, and the international refugee crisis, are images of each other. They’re images of friendship, respect, and tireless work.

Wanna watch their important stories? Find Diane here and Francesca here.


Asjah Moore

Asjah is a young photographer from New Jersey. We asked her to photograph her inspiration and she took stunning portraits of her best friend and her mother. Who doesn't love a good mom portrait?!

Still curious? More of Asjah’s images here.


Danna Wexler

Danna spent 15 years in marketing in Tel Aviv before deciding to pick up a camera. Once she did, there was no stopping her. She is now a full time photographer living in Brooklyn. She loves shooting ugly pretty pigeons, pom pom acne, and your typical naked model on a horse.

Want more Danna? Yea, we all do. Find her here.