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The Crop Tank (EXCLUSIVE Period Red)
The Crop Tank (EXCLUSIVE Period Red)

The Crop Tank


Cut from 100% natural linen, this updated essential is as uncomplicated and casual as it is professional and polished. Cut with a low, yet cleavage-covering neckline, The Crop Tank closes up the back with hand-pressed, fabric-covered buttons.    

In an exclusive run of Period Red linen, it's that classic top that'll have you reaching for it year after year.

P.S. Only 4 have been made and will never be made again - run don't walk!    

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What I'm made of

100% linen grown in Russia. Cozy and soft, this weighted linen has a generous texture with a slight slub to its weave.
Fabric dyed and finished in California.

How to take care of me: Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang to dry. Warm iron if needed. Okay to dry clean.

Need help? Don't call mom! We got you.

How I'm made

This garment is usually made to order but we accidentally already made it (our bad, your win) so it will ship out within 1 week!

Ships within 1 week or enjoy free studio pick-up

Why we make it:

Our closets needed a simple summer block-of-color top that was unpretentious yet elevated, fit seamlessly into our existing wardrobe and be just as easily worn to a picnic or a meeting.

Most of all, it had to look damn good.

Why it actually got made...

Call it a happy accident, call it a woman’s intuition, but our Period Red linen that is usually reserved for The High Tank wanted in on The Crop Tank hooplah. Coincidentally, this period arrived in the studio just about the same time as our studio pup, Lady, got her very first womanly right of passage. So, really in honor of Lady, please enjoy this one-time-only small-batch run of Lady Period Red Crops Tanks.

XS-L, come and get ‘em ladies and uncramp your style!

Throw it in the wash, hang it up to dry, toss it on the ground. It'll love you back no matter what.

Meet our Linen

Woven in Eastern Europe and dyed and finished in California, our new weighted linen is soft against the skin, textured to the touch, and oh-so- breathable. Just wait until you feel that summer breeze. Experience summertime in a fabric with an easy, go-with the flow drape, a slubbed and relaxed weave and porous, naturally moisture-wicking fibers.

Does it wrinkle? Yea! It's 100% natural linen! Remember, "wrinkle free" is code for "chemically treated." The folds are beautiful - soft landscapes that gather near the hem. Toss it on the floor and pick it up the next day - gravity will do the rest. Like all of our clothes, The High Tank is meant to be worn, not hung for display.
Made in Manhattan’s Garment District using excess fabric, The Crop Tank’s five hand-pressed, covered buttons run straight down the center back.

And yes, these little works of art are functional.

It looks great with...

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