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Prospect Green Linen

Indigo Hemp Denim

The Halo Scrunchie
The Halo Scrunchie

The Halo Scrunchie


Designed for heads, wrists & whatever else you say it's for.

With a balanced mix of youthful and refined energy, The Halo Scrunchie is our ever-present companion. Made in the same best-in-class fabrics that we use in our clothes, including Lemonade Linen, Prospect Green Linen and Indigo Hemp Denim, this grown-up hair accessory protects your hair while keeping it out of your face. Each is finished with a subtle NAOMI NOMI logo.

What I'm made of

Prospect Green and Lemonade Linen: 100% linen grown & produced in the Flanders Region of Belgium and locally sourced elastic.

Indigo Hemp Denim: 55% hemp grown & harvested in China, 45% OSC Certified organic cotton grown in India & dyed in China. 

How to take care of me: Wash cold with like colors. Lay flat to dry.

Need help? Don't call mom! We got you. fashionemergency@naominomi.com

How I'm made

This garment is made in small batches so as to minimize waste. It is currently in stock and ready to ship from our studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Ready within 2 weeks to ship or pick-up from our Brooklyn Studio.

Why we make it:

To get the hair out of our face so we can create a masterpiece.

Meet our Linen:

Woven in Ireland from flax grown in Normandy, France, our weighted, slubbed linen is a summertime staple that's also a great year-round base layer. It's soft against the skin, textured to the touch, and oh-so-breathable. Oh and about those wrinkles…100% natural linen like ours is known to wrinkle. We love that! It’s part of the linen aesthetic, so pristine smoothness is not required if you aren’t into that. Remember, “wrinkle free” linen is code for “chemically treated” linen. That said, if you prefer a smoother look, you can take a warm (read: not hot!) iron to it, or some steam.

Meet our Indigo Hemp Denim

Traditionally, denim is made from cotton twill, but we’ve updated this closet mainstay by combining OSC Certified organic cotton with hemp.

Why Hemp? Hemp is a wonder fiber. Made from the cannabis sativa plant (not quite the one you're thinking of), hemp grows prosperously sans pesticides, uses very little water, can be harvested within 100 days of being planted, and can grow for 20 years straight in the same spot without crop rotation or soil replenishment. The fabric produced by its fibers are moisture-wicking, breathable, and soften with every wash.

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