The Oxford in Exacting Green Merino Wool

The Oxford in Exacting Green Merino Wool


Inspired by a mix of 1930s industrial wear and 1980s power dressing, the NAOMI NOMI Oxford is your closet’s new essential.

Relaxed in the shoulders and strong in the collar, NAOMI NOMI Oxford in merino wool is the shirt you stole from the boys’ department that magically fits your curves. Made with natural corozo buttons, a front pocket, pleated cuffs, it boasts a back box pleat that rests with intention between your shoulder blades. Leave it untucked, or tuck it in. Take it one step further and tie it up at your waist. Just be careful because that back hem has been cut to make that booty pop (while also allowing you to bend over without the fear of butt crack exposure).

What I’m made of: 100% merino wool with corozo buttons. (wtf is corozo? Scroll down and we’ll explain.)

Not sure about your Fit? Check out our Fit Guide.

Oh Yes

All about the details…

Meet our Merino Wool:

Made in the oldest operating textile mill in Germany, our merino wool is the kind of fabric that when you touch, you know it’s not fucking around. The wool itself comes from sheep living in New Zealand and Australia - it’s then spun into yarn and woven in Bavaria, Germany. Curious about mulesing? (the practice of removing skin from a sheep’s butt) Our suppliers don’t do it. (We love the butts of all species equally and support healthy butt practices all the way from our wool supplier to our photography.) 

This is a heavy wool that is built to last and keep you warm. It is just as comfortable traipsing through a January on-site in the woods as it is braving July’s office AC. 

Wtf is a corozo button?

The corozo nut, also called a tagua nut, is a natural material which is commonly used for carving. Turns out, buttons are like tiny carved sculptures which makes corozo great for button making.

Wait…does this shirt fit a guy?!

Technically, NAOMI NOMI does not make menswear. But in reality: Creative Director Nomi’s boyfriend tried on the sample Oxford and hasn’t taken it off since. Now, all his friends are on the pre-order list.

This boyfriend is a slim 5’ 8” and fits the Oxford in an XL (Fit, Violet) easily. He wears it with the cuffs unbuttoned and rolled up. The sleeves are a bit short, but hey, this shirt was inspired by a men’s shirt and designed into a woman’s shirt.

A Girlfriend Shirt for Boyfriends, an object for the female gaze ; )

Why is this shirt called an Oxford?

Back in the 19th century, a guy who owned a Scottish textile mill had a brilliant idea for a marketing campaign: name the season’s fabrics after all the fancy universities. All the rich boys who go to these schools will want them and they will all sell - cue happily ever after. Well, it kind of worked! No one really liked the Cambridge, Harvard and Yale weaves, but the Oxford — now that was a hit. Known for its yarn’s criss-crossing basket weave, Oxford cloth became a mainstay of the closets of British polo players (it was breathable and the closest thing they had to sportswear).

Today, Oxford shirts are made in all types of fabrics - even wooly ones that come from Germany ;)


How to care for me:

(Don’t call mom! You got this!)

Machine wash cold with like colors, hang to dry

Warm iron as needed

Okay to dry clean

Help? Happy to!