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Life's Workwear


Welcome to the exclusive
Cold Weather Early Access Society.

We'll be debuting new (secret) things all season long, all here first.
Early, before the crowds, just because we like ya.


First up, without further adieu, let us present...

The Shirtdress
The office, the coffee shop, and a night out have met their match.
Now available in Crisp White cotton, Hudson merino, and our new wooly hues: Black Enamel and With Cream.

The Shirtdress takes our timeless New Oxford and cuts it in a longer, fuller silhouette.
Wear her as a one-piece fit or layer it for that maximalism you crave.


With a mix of 1930s industrial wear and 1980s power dressing,
we made the perfect workshirt: structured yet generous, soft but wildly elegant.
It’s a classic re-made for our time & 2021’s best layer.


Now cut in Black Enamel & With Cream merino wool, and Brighton Blue cotton

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