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Indigo Hemp

Hemp is a miraculous plant in more ways that one ;)

It's versatile, sustainable, and forms the basis of our knockout denim.

NAOMI NOMI is a made-to-order, small batch garment line based in Brooklyn.
We make beautiful clothes from brilliant materials for doing life's work.
The New Oxford

“The thing is, well, your team did it.
You made a perfect shirt.
Like, it’s remarkable.”


With a mix of 1930s industrial wear and 1980s power dressing, our New Oxford is the perfect workshirt: structured yet generous, soft but wildly elegant. It’s a classic re-made for our time & 2023’s best layer.
Made from the most beautiful materials, all cut for working (or hanging) from anywhere.
Plus, silk scarves, wool berets, & other special things to finish your look.

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