Beautiful clothes from
brilliant materials for
doing life's work

That's why we call it Life's Workwear.

NAOMI NOMI is a made to order and small batch garment line based in Brooklyn, New York. Our garments are made to be worn, loved, and passed on through generations.

Why we do it?
To remind you what you're capable of.
Making clothes is our life's work.
We just want to dress you for yours.

Ask the Studio

Curious about a garment?
Questions about your order?
Wanna work with us and make great things?
Talk to us. We make clothes for those with something to say.

It’s an intimate and personal thing to make clothes for someone.
We’re honored we get to do it for you.

What we care about

The materials with which we fill our lives matter and carry meaning. We revere time-tested craftsmanship just as much as we love fucking with it.

We care about the way things are made and believe that a thoughtful process makes meaningful products.

We are a coming-of-age brand, regardless of your age. We’re named in a nod to the building of identity: namely, who we are born as (Naomi) and who we become (Nomi).

If a garment isn’t fitting right it’s our job to change the garment, not your job to change your body.

We are not intimidated by the fact that garments, and their making, are inherently political: we are motivated by it.

Because hard things are hard.

Like love, we can’t explain it. We just love it & know we need it.

Our promise to you is this:
We aim to make the best.
And once we get there, we aim to make the best better.

Notes on Making Clothes

We are a group of (mostly) women who like making things, and making things happen.

Maybe we make because it’s really fun, maybe because making is inherently human. Either way, it’s the habit we can’t quit even though it’s comically hard to make great objects. It’s hard on our bodies, hard on our nerves, and hard on our world. Which is why we’re constantly striving to find a less wasteful (creatively, environmentally, financially, and emotionally) way to do it.

That’s the lens through which we approach sustainability at NAOMI NOMI. We’ve spent our lives making individual objects and care about the ripple effects that tiny decisions can make on a massive scale.

Making anything in this world is an inherently destructive act. It’s a beautiful, fascinating and absurd contradiction that must be mindfully considered with every decision we make. We don’t have it all figured out, definitely not, but wear our clothes knowing that our vision for a creative business is a more human way to make and consume objects.

meet our
Our Materials

meet our
Our Makers

About Nomi

NAOMI NOMI was founded by Naomi (Nomi) Mishkin, an artist and designer currently making things in Brooklyn, NY. Trained as a glassblower, she spent a decade making sculpture before looking around her studio and realizing that all of her sculptures had sleeves and hemlines and were meant to be worn and worked in, not just looked at. As the granddaughter of a wedding dress manufacturer and the great-granddaughter of a pattern cutter, the schmatte life was apparently hard to shake.

So, after years of sewing for herself (and for some friends who lowkey begged for more), in 2018 she officially launched NAOMI NOMI.

The conceptual themes of her sculpture ring true in her clothes: love your materials and put meaning in the making.

Wanna hear more about Nomi's thoughts on clothes?
Listen here.

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