Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return and exchange policy?

As a made-to-order brand that doesn’t hold inventory and minimizes waste, we do not currently accept returns on any items. As such, if you’re unsure about sizing, please do not purchase the same item in multiple sizes, as you will not be able to return the size you do not want. We provide a thorough Fit Guide for each garment to help you make your choice, and you can also request free fabric swatches to get an advance feel of each of our textiles. Still unsure? Reach out to studio@naominomi.com and we’ll be happy to make an expert recommendation. We could talk about proper fit/feel all day long!

If, upon arrival, you find the fit or feel of your garment is not quite right, reach out within two weeks of your delivery and we will work with you to exchange the item as many times as necessary until we get things right. If we are unable to resolve these issues during that time, we are happy to offer store credit for your purchase.

What size am I?

Click here to view our comprehensive fit guide for each of our garments. Because bodies come in all shapes and sizes (which we love), we recommend consulting the guide for each garment you’re interested in. We know sizing can vary significantly across the country, let alone the world, and as a brand that believes that clothes should be made to fit the body, not the other way around, we are committed to ensuring that everything fits like a dream. If you’re still unsure, reach out to studio@naominomi.com and we’ll be happy to make an expert recommendation. Remember, as a made-to-order brand that does not accept returns, please do not purchase the same item in multiple sizes, as you will not be able to return the size you do not want. You can review our full exchange policy above.

What is your lost package policy?

If your order has been marked "delivered" by the carrier, but you never received it, get in touch with us at studio@naominomi.com and we'll see what we can do. We will assist you in any way we can, but unfortunately, once we hand a package over to USPS or another carrier, it is in their hands and is their responsibility.

Do you ship to London, Paris, and Tokyo? What about Brazil and Lithuania?!

We ship everywhere people wear clothes and the post delivers mail. Just note: customs and import duties are imposed by the country we ship to and are therefore your responsibility.

When are your upcoming sales?

Here’s the thing, we don’t actually do sales. Not even Black Friday. We’re made-to-order, never keep excess inventory that we have to offload, manufacture locally and love fancy fabrics. To make up for the cost and avoid passing it onto you, we keep margins small. That means you’re getting the best possible rate year round.

What is made to order? What is small batch?

A made-to-order garment is not made until, you guessed it, you order it. This is how we make all of our garments. Much smaller batches, which helps to minimize waste. Our silk scarves and kerchiefs, for example, are printed in small batches of 20-30 pieces at a time. Since we don't have to worry about different sizes, we produce our accessories in using this model.

Using both of these models in tandem ensures that NAOMI NOMI doesn’t create excess inventory that, like much of what the fast fashion industry produces, would go directly from the manufacturer to a landfill. We make only what we need, and we need only what you want.

Are you made to measure? Can you accommodate custom sizes?

At present, no, we are not made-to-measure, but it's something we aspire to. We believe clothes should be made to fit bodies, and not the other way around, and made to measure is the gold standard execution of that philosophy. But it's a very complex process to implement for a small business like ours, so it'll take more time and strategy on our part. Until then, we're committed to making sure you get a garment that fits you well, which is why we made this comprehensive Fit Guide. If you order something and it doesn't fit, please reach out to studio@naominomi.com and we'll work with you to get it right. If you think you fall in a size range that we don't currently offer, reach out to studio@naominomi.com and we'll see what we can do.

Do you have a store? Are you carried in any boutiques?
At the moment, we do not have a physical store but we do, however, have a Studio in Downtown Brooklyn. We would love to have you come in, try on clothes, gossip with the team, and play with our resident Studio pup, Lady. To set up a Studio appointment, click herePlease do set up an appointment though. We're not always in the Studio and would hate for you to show up to an empty room.

I still have a question! How can I ask it?

Drop us a line at studio@naominomi.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible, we promise.

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