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Lyocell Swatch

The Winter Wardrobe

Fabric Swatch Card
Fabric Swatch Card

Fabric Swatch Card


We think of clothing as the ultimate touchable sculpture. That's why we spend way more time than we should obsessing over brilliant, beautiful, soft, touchable fabrics.


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And what is Lyocell Twill?

Matte Black

Sometimes, you fall in love and you let that love make all the decisions. That's how we started using lyocell. We found it, couldn't stop touching it, and now all of NAOMI NOMI is really just an excuse to drape ourselves in it until eternity.

But wtf is lyocell?! Glad you asked: Lyocell is a type of fabric that is responsibly produced from sustainably sourced wood. As a biodegradable fabric, it is known for its strength, moisture absorption, and softness. Its closed loop-production process takes the material from forest, to wood, to pulp, to fiber, to yarn, to fabric, to NAOMI NOMI's studio, to our sewing team on 35th street where it becomes a shirt, back to our studio, into a box, into the mail, and onto your body.

Our Lyocell is produced in Canada and is woven in a twill formation. The twill (which you can see from the fabric's tiny diagonal lines) puts a healthy dose of movement into the material. With a cool black finish, it hangs like water off the body.

Meet our Merino Wool

Exacting Green, Dark Stone, Special Magenta, Hudson Blue, & Period Red

Made in the oldest operating textile mill in Germany, our merino wool is built to last and keep you warm. Strong and soft, it's just as comfortable traipsing through a January off-site as it is braving July's office AC. It is extremely breathable and adjusts to changes in your body temperature throughout the day.

Naturally wrinkle resistant, merino wool absorbs the odor from your sweat and releases it only when washed. That means it doesn't need to be washed after every wear. That's great news because the majority of a garment's impact on our environment comes, surprisingly, not from its production, but from its time spent in a washing machine and dryer.

Our merino wool comes from sheep living in New Zealand and Australia. It’s then spun into yarn and woven in Bavaria, Germany. Curious about mulesing? (the practice of removing skin from a sheep’s butt) Our suppliers don’t do it. (We love the butts of all species equally and support healthy butt practices throughout our entire supply chain. No mulesing for our sheep, no uncomfortable thongs for our models, and only ergonomic chairs for our accountants.)

Get to know our Cotton Oxford

Crisp White

Back in the 19th century, a guy who owned a Scottish textile mill had a brilliant idea for a marketing campaign: name the season’s fabrics after all the fancy universities. All the rich boys who go to these schools will want them and they will all sell - cue happily ever after. Well, it kind of worked! No one really liked the Cambridge, Harvard and Yale weaves, but the Oxford — now that was a hit. Known for its yarn’s criss-crossing basket weave, Oxford cloth became a mainstay of the closets of British polo players (it was breathable and the closest thing they had to sportswear).

NAOMI NOMI'S Oxford fabric hails from Japan. It is a super soft heavy cotton with that classic basket weave.

The Winter Wardobe

The Winter Wardobe includes NAOMI NOMI's signature Merino Wool in Period Red and Hudson Blue

as well as our new heavy winter linen in Marigold and Lagoon.

Meet our Winter Linen

Marigold & Lagoon

Never thought of linen as a winter fabric? Let us change your world. 

Woven in Ireland from flax grown in France and Belgium, our new winter linen is heavy enough to keep you warm yet light enough to make you feel like you're floating. Think of your favorite summer weight blanket - now think of it in the form of a dress. That's the Easy Dress.

Does it wrinkle? Yea! It's 100% natural linen! Remember, "wrinke free" is code for "chemically treated." The folds are beautiful - soft landscapes that gather near the hem. Toss it on the floor and pick it up the next day - gravity will do the rest. Like all of our clothes, The Easy Dress meant to be worn, not hung for display.

Go ahead, cop a feel.

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