As a company founded by makers, it is a privilege to get to make with these makers.

To produce our garments, we use both made-to-order and small batch production models. A strategic combination of both models ensures that we never create excess inventory.

Will you have to wait a moment for your order to arrive? Yes! It takes time, energy and materials to make the beautiful things that fill our world. Base line: we think it’s absurd to waste a seamstress’ time and the earth’s resources sewing up a garment that never gets bought, never gets used, and never gets loved, only to live its life taking up space in a landfill. It doesn’t take an environmental science degree to know that that’s not good for anyone. So we don’t do it. We make only what we need, and we need only what you want.

Our garments are made-to-order at two factories in New York:

Faye Sample

(Where we cut and sew our New Oxfords, Tanks, & Easy Dresses)

We found Faye early on and have loved her sass and exacting standards ever since. Family owned and run for over a decade, at Faye Sample, Faye manages a team of strong cutters and meticulous seamstresses with her son, Simon, and her husband, Peter. The ultimate NAOMI NOMI woman, Faye and her team are phenomenal makers. When she’s not running the sewing floor, she bakes “too many cakes” (says Simon, not us.)

Atelier Amelia

(Where we cut and sew our Commuter Shorts)

Founded by the insanely cool Zhu Ru, Atelier Amelia specializes in intimates and swimwear...i.e., clothes with flat-lock stitches. Luckily for us, since very few makers in New York have this highly specialized equipment and use it so skillfully. A few years ahead of us in her entrepreneurial journey, Zhu Ru named her company after her first seamstress, Amelia.

Our Materials

Our Garments

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