When it comes to garment-making, few people realize just how handmade every part of the process is. Machines don’t make your clothes, people do.
Read below to meet some of the brilliantly talented makers that bring the clothes you love to life.

Faye, Peter, & Simon

(They cut and sew our made-to-order garments)

Faye is the matriarch of our family-run factory and leads the seamstresses, Peter, her husband, leads the cutters, & Simon, their son, “does the computer” - Faye’s words, not ours.

She’s wildly skilled, wise in her years, and runs the tightest ship around. She stands at 4 feet tall (in Crocs), eats no sugar, and knows exactly how you should finish that French seam. We’re all ears because, after all, it’s Faye’s world and we’re just (happily) living in it.

R Kaye - Richard

(They custom make our cast & plated buttons, & source our mother-of-pearl)

Richard Korenstein: born & raised Long Islander & the Button King of the Garment District. Through his company R Kaye Ltd., he’s one of the last Manhattan artisans to offer custom, molded cast-crafted buttons (our special gold/silver buttons!!) and makes just about all the jewelry, buttons, crowns, and trinkets on Broadway.

Guide Fabrics - Taffese

(Where we cut our interfacing)

Taffese Richardson has been cutting our interfacing (that’s the stuff that gives our collars and cuffs their amazing structure) since the very beginning. The man knows his fabrics and hasn’t let us down once.

Panda - Jun

(Where our labels are made)

Panda has been a foundational pillar of the Garment District since 1993. The care labels tucked inside every NAOMI NOMI garment are printed by our friend, Jun.

Sherry Accessories - Terry

(Where our Headbands and fabric-covered buttons are made)

Terry Schwartz. The man, the myth, the legend. The godfather, gossip, and connective tissue of the Garment Center. He makes our headbands, fabric-covered buttons, and has the best smelling leather shop in the tri-state area. He insisted upon the Ebbets Field Tee because he “grew up on 1st base!”

Steinlauf & Stoller - Dan & Luis

(We source for local sampling for all the things that go inside a garment)

Need a last minute roll of muslin? Elastic in every weight and width? Snaps by the yard? Heavy nylon thread? Access to a scissor sharpener?! Steinlauf & Stoller are your guys, selling everything that-you-never-see that’s sewn into a proper garment.

EU Design - Daniel

(Where all our corozo buttons are sourced from)

Daniel helps us source all of our trims with international origin. Whether from India, China, or Italy, he helps us communicate with our overseas factories, which allows us to design and create to our hearts content.

It doesn’t hurt that as a true Italian gentleman, he never fails to offer us a cup of espresso.

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Our Partners

Here at NAOMI NOMI, we believe that a thoughtful process makes a meaningful product. Closing the loop of our creative supply chain is just one of the ways we commit to that promise.

While we only work with natural materials, we acknowledge that making clothes uses resources. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some pretty incredible partners that make sure to replenish and recycle those resources as best we can. Consider it part of our commitment to make things while not destroying everything.

Fab Scrap

(Where we recycle)

Fab scrap was founded specifically for New York’s commercial garment waste. By law, if our commercial waste is over 10% textile, it must be recycled. It pains us to write that New Yorkers ditch 200,000 TONS of clothing, shoes, and accessories annually. However, with the help of Fab Scrap, materials that would have traditionally gone to landfills, are now being properly recycled and made available for reuse. So rest assured, that all the cuttings and tiny bits of fabric scraps for every NAOMI NOMI garment aren’t going to waste!

Queen of Raw

(Where we replenish)

We live in a world where more than $120 billion worth of textiles are sitting in warehouses around the world. According to Queen of Raw, “[unused] materials end up burned or buried. And we’re here to rescue them.” That’s exactly why NAOMI NOMI has joined forces! Queen of Raw is an online marketplace to buy and sell unused fabric. To keep wonderfully unused textiles still in circulation, we partner with Queen of Raw to offer up our discontinued yardage to whomever wants dibs!

For each kilogram of fabric, Queen of Raw measures the gallons of water saved by not creating new fabrics. This means, by offering our rolls of deadstock, we’re saving 700 gallons of water per yard purchased.


(Where we offset)

Cloverly is a new feature here at naominomi.com. Now at checkout, you have the option to offset the carbon emissions for every order. For less than $1, our partner can neutralize the environmental impact it requires to get NAOMI NOMI to your doorstep. By teaming up with Cloverly, we are taking strides to become a carbon neutral brand.

Where do those extra cents go? Depending where in the world you’re ordering from, Cloverly is able to match your offset donation to an environmental project or facility nearest to you. For example, if you’re a customer in San Francisco, we might partner with an improved forest management project in California to keep the benefit local. Win-win!

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