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Sample Fabric: Silver Matchstick Ikat
Sample Fabric: Silver Matchstick Ikat

Sample Fabric: Silver Matchstick Ikat


Soft 100% cotton dyed using traditional Indonesian techniques.

When selecting our cottons, we wanted a weight that was strong enough to be thrown around yet billowy enough to feel effortless. What we landed on is the perfect warm weather fabric, with a piece de resistance basketweave pattern called ikat. The name derives from the dyeing technique, developed in Indonesia, that creates the signature blurriness that weavers across the globe love. We use it in our Easy Dress, but it also makes for showstopper pillow covers and curtains.

Note this fabric is sold by the yard and is 44" wide.

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What I'm made of

100% cotton, yarn-dyed ikat, produced in India. Soft and breathable, this material is woven with a classic basketweave.

How to take care of me: Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang to dry. Warm iron or steam  if desired. Okay to dry clean. Need help? Don't call mom! We got you. fashionemergency@naominomi.com

How I'm made

The weavers start by tightly tying bundles of cotton yarn together to resist dye them. Only when the weavers finish dyeing do they then thread their looms. This technique produces patterns that have a characteristic blurriness - because lining up the patterns on the dyed fibers along the warp and weft is really, really hard. But the blurriness is what we and traditional weavers everywhere love so much. 

Ready to pick up or ship within one week!

Why we sell our fabrics:

1. The feel! - We're serious fabric nerds and source our textiles from the absolute best producers globally. They just...have to be felt by as many people as possible.
2. We Hate Waste - we're made-to-order & small batch in part because we can't stand the fabric waste that the modern fast fashion industry creates. Let's make sure every square inch gets used.
3. We're makers at our core, and love the idea that you get to take something we love for your own creations. Be sure to email/tag to show us what you've made!!
What to Make

In addition to being a perfect breathable foundation for a lightweight dress or top, the unique pattern makes for a great statement pillow or set of curtains.

Want a Sample?

Reach out here and we'll send you a swatch for free.

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