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The Gradient Blanket (Moonlight Blue Mongolian Wool)
The Gradient Blanket (Moonlight Blue Mongolian Wool)
The Gradient Blanket (Moonlight Blue Mongolian Wool)

The Gradient Blanket

Moonlight Blue Mongolian Wool

A hand-dyed, sumptuous, comfort cocoon that elevates the entire room

The thickest, plushest, most cloudlike wool we've ever felt, this Mongolian merino was practically begging to be made into a blanket. So of course, we obliged. Each is dip-dyed by hand four times to create a vivid, color-blocked, 5-step gradient that's both striking and soft. As a room accent, it can be folded any which way, allowing different shades to play the lead. Finished with a subtly placed NAOMI NOMI logo and fringed edges. Indulgent comfort that will last a lifetime (relaxing 19th-century novel not included).

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What I'm made of

100% merino wool, woven in Germany from sheep living in Mongolia, hand-dyed in the United States by a woman-owned small business.

How to take care of me: This blanket is best dry-cleaned. Okay to spot clean with cold water and gentle soap. Do not rub. Lay flat to dry.Need help? Don't call mom! We got you. fashionemergency@naominomi.com

How I'm made

This garment is made in small batches so as to minimize waste. It will be ready to ship or pick up within 4 weeks from our Brooklyn studio.

Ready within one week to ship or pick-up from our Brooklyn Studio.

Why we make it:

Because we worship at the altar of texture and textile, and a blanket is the quintessential expression of an exquisite fabric. Simple in design. Abundant in meaning.

Grade A

Inspired by charcoal shade references and tonal value scales, The Blanket is an investigation in color and material. Each is dip-dyed by hand four times, creating a 5-step color-blocked gradient that traverses the spectrum of our signature Moonlight Blue. As a sculptural design element, it can be folded and draped in infinite ways, allowing you to play with the relationship between the rich hues.

Meet our Mongolian Merino Wool

Woven in the oldest operating textile mill in Germany, our Mongolian merino wool is wildly soft, strong, and woven with care to keep you warm for decades. An excellent insulator and regulator, this merino is extremely breathable and adjusts to changes in your body temperature to prevent overheating. More plush, supple, and voluminous than the wool we use in our shirts, it is designed to drape elegantly and fully envelop you for a nap to end all naps.

Full Moon

As rich, deep, and enchanting as the twilight sky.

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