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Sample Fabric: Hudson Linen
Sample Fabric: Hudson Linen

Sample Fabric: Hudson Linen


The go-to warm-weather fabric since antiquity.

Woven from flax grown in Russia and Belgium and finished & dyed in the USA, our weighted linen in Hudson is soft against the skin, naturally moisture-wicking, textured to the touch, and oh-so-breathable. Featuring an easy, go-with the flow drape, and slubbed, relaxed weave, it's a fantastic choice for warm weather garments. Oh and about those wrinkles...100% natural linen like ours is known to wrinkle. We love that! It's part of the linen aesthetic, so pristine smoothness is not required if you aren't into that. Remember, "wrinkle-free" linen is code for "chemically treated" linen. That said, if you prefer a smoother look, you can take a warm (read: not hot!) iron to it, or some steam.

Note this fabric is sold by the yard and is 54" wide.

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What I'm made of

100% linen grown in Belgium & Russia, dyed & finished in the USA.

How to take care of me: Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang to dry. Warm iron or steam  if desired. Okay to dry clean. Need help? Don't call mom! We got you. fashionemergency@naominomi.com

How I'm made

Linen is made from flax, a plant that looks like grass and grows like a magic beanstalk. The first step is to pull the flax, rather than cut it, to get the longest fibers possible. Next, the harvested plant must be "stooked", i.e. tied together and stacked in bundles called "beats". Once dry, the seeds are removed from the flax in a combing-like process called "scutching". Only then, when the plant stock has been separated from the fibers , can yarn be spun. 

Ready to pick up or ship within one week!

Why we sell our fabrics:

1. The feel! - We're serious fabric nerds and source our textiles from the absolute best producers globally. They just...have to be felt by as many people as possible.
2. We Hate Waste - we're made-to-order & small batch in part because we can't stand the fabric waste that the modern fast fashion industry creates. Let's make sure every square inch gets used.
3. We're makers at our core, and love the idea that you get to take something we love for your own creations. Be sure to email/tag to show us what you've made!!
What to Make

In addition to being a perfect breathable foundation for a lightweight dress or top, the gentle, lovely two-tone twill pattern makes for great napkins and place settings or understated accent pillows. Also, picnic blanket anyone?

Want a Sample?

Reach out here and we'll send you a swatch for free.

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