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Cutting Mat Scarf (Green)
Cutting Mat Scarf (Green)
Cutting Mat Scarf (Green)
Cutting Mat Scarf (Green)

Cutting Mat Scarf


Made from 100% silk twill, this digitally printed, double-sided, 26” square scarf has a hand rolled edge and squares that measure exactly 1.25 inches (ya know, in case you need a reference on the go). 

The Green Cutting Mat Scarf is part of our series of Process Scarves. The Process Scarves draw their inspiration from the tools that garment workers use to measure the body: the yellow tape measure, the blue dot & cross of pattern cutting paper, and a red 1930s guide to draping bodices. The absurdity of translating a woman into standardized parts is echoed by applying such structured lines to the most wily of fabrics - silk twill.

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What I'm made of

100% silk twill

Double-sided digital printing

Hand-rolled hem

26 inches (66 cm) square

How to take care of me

Best option: Dry clean. Do not staple.

Fast Option: Gently cold wash by hand with cold water and soap. Do not rub. Lay flat to dry.

Need help? Don't call mom! We got you.

Ready to pick up or ship within 1 week!

All of our scarves are made using technology that digitally prints ink on both sides of the silk, meaning no side of the fabric is less saturated in vibrant color than the other. 

It's a wild technological feat that no other printing process could achieve.

Oh, and the silk is pretty damn soft, too.

The Green Cutting Mat Scarf was our first scarf and, now, it's become our classic. 

Just like the cutting mat it was inspired by, we reach for it on the regular.

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